Logiciel HyperMachiavel

Outil d'alignement et de comparaison de traductions, d'annotation lexicale

Dans le contexte de l’édition critique électronique et des corpus numériques, Hypermachiavel propose diverses fonctionnalités autour de l’établissement d’un corpus de textes parallèles (par exemple un texte et ses traductions, ou différentes versions d’édition d’un même texte) et incite l’exploration lexicale, voire conceptuelle, à l’aide de fonctions de recherche et d’annotation semi-automatique. Il cherche également à répondre à des problématiques d’études de traduction, de philologie des textes.

Ce logiciel est en cours de développement (voir la fiche Plume).


Aligner, translation comparator and annotation tool

HyperMachiavel is a software with a user interface to manage aligned corpora (TEI, TMX).

It is a Java application, so it requires Java (version 1.6 minimum) in order to work on supported operating systems (e.g. Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows).

The development program was launched within the french research project «Naissance, formes et développements d’une pensée de la guerre, des guerres d’Italie à la paix de Westphalie (1494-1648)» financed by the ANR (National Research Agency) during 2008-2011. The scientific projet was conducted by Jean-Louis Fournel and Jean-Claude Zancarini (Triangle Laboratory) and the development project was led by Severine Gedzelman.


The development is standing by since 2012. Features to expect soon :

  • Importation for TXM aligned corpora
  • General graphs of equivalences for each translation version


The application is available here from the sourceforge site, for further details please contact Séverine Gedzelman. HyperMachiavel is released under the Cecill-B License . The archive (.zip file) contains four files :

  • hypermachiavel.jar (the actual java application)
  • hypermachiavel.bat, this file is the one that launches the application, it contains memory parameters for the JVM
  • readme.txt
  • licence.txt

SVN downloads will be available from the Hyperalign sourcesup project page.

Aligned corpora that were tested with the software are :

  • HyperPrince, concerns Blado edition of Machiavelli's "Il Principe" and its four french translations during the 16th century

Documentation (in progress)

  • Users Guide
    • Software Requirements and Installation
    • Quick start, have a look at this video tutorial
    • Complete users guide (pdf)
  • Developers Guide (pdf)
  • Publications have been submitted to the DH 2012 conference. See also other publications of Severine Gedzelman

Technical Support

There is a users group at the Hyperalign sourcesup project page (to activate).

To subscribe or browse messages : go to this page


We need volunteers to continue the developement, you are welcome to participate. If you are interested please contact the project manager (severine.gedzelman@ens-lyon.fr, first author of HyperMachiavel)

The svn repository page will soon be available


HyperMachiavel is released under the Cecill-B License

Application documentation is released under the Creative Commons License (to do)


Other interesting softwares for aligned corpora :

Some features of HyperMachiavel should be re-developped within the software project called TXM

Tools used in Humanities projects to annotate